Advocacy Availability

This page lists the current availability of  Solicitor Advocate Greg Foxsmith. Warned List cases listed separately below.

To Book: email or call/text 07980846330

19-20 September Regulatory Hearing

27 September Kingston CC (R v CJ) PTPH can cover extra cases

28 September ILCC (R v LK) PTPH can cover extra cases

03-05 October Regulatory Hearing

10-13 October Regulatory hearing

17-19 October Regulatory hearing

02 December Southwark CC (case management, can cover other cases)

16-23 January 2017 Southwark CC  R v TW Trial

30-31 January 2017 Croydon CC (R v KB trial)

Warned Lists

26-30 September ILCC R v KM 

03-07 October (Woolwich) R v O (only if comes in on 06/10)

21-25 November &Wood Green) E v RStC

31 October (Wood Green) R v SB

To Book: email or call/text 07980846330

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Other Committments 

23-25 September LCCSA Autumn Conference (Ghent)

29 September Meeting with Chief Magistrate

10 October LCCSA Committee

21 October CLFS Conference manchester

28 October CLFS Conference London

07 November LCCSA AGM/Dinner