Advocacy Availability

This page lists the current availability of  Solicitor Advocate Greg Foxsmith. Warned List cases listed separately below.

To Book: email or call/text 07980846330 

04-05 January 2017 ILCC Trial NOT GUILTY!

09-12 January Regulatory Hearing SUCCESS!

16-20 January 2017 Southwark CC  (Rape trial) R v TW NOT GUILTY!

25-26 January  Regulatory Hearing SUCCESS

01 February Stratford YC Trial 

02 February Snaresbrook (R v RK) PTPH (can take other cases)

03 February WGCC Sentence R v RStC (can take other cases)

06-07 Feb Regulatory Hearing

08 Feb WGCC PTPH (R v FG) 


13-15 Feb Regulatory Hearing

17 Feb Southwark CC Bail App

20-22 Feb Regulatory Hearing

22 Feb Southwark CC PTPH R v TM (for HJA-SC covering)

23 Feb Stratford YC Sentence (for Bindmans)

28 Feb Inner London PTPH (R v KZ)

06-08 March regulatory Hearing

17 March Stratford MC Trial (for SB and Co-dependant on W/L-TH on standby)

20 March ILCC Ground Rules Hearing (R v EN)

27-29 March ILCC  Trial (Fixture) (R v EN)

29 March ILCC Sentence (R v LMcN)

03-07 April Unlikely to be available  (Easter hols )

10-14 April Unavailable (Annual leave)

26 April Cambridge MC?

Warned Lists

27 February-10 March 2017 Croydon CC R v KR

13 -17 March (ILCC) R v MD 

07-11 August (Guildford) (R v KA)

To Book: email or call/text 07980846330
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