Advocacy Availability

This page lists the current availability of  Solicitor Advocate Greg Foxsmith. Warned List cases listed separately below.

To Book: email or call/text 07980846330 

22-23 June Snaresbrook Crown Court Robbery Trial NOT GUILTY!

26 June-30 June Regulatory Hearing CANCELLED NOW AVAILABLE

27 June Blackfriars Crown Court Case Dismissed !

28 June HCMC Court Duty Solicitor

30 June Blackfriars Crown Court 

10-21 July Inner London CC (R v RL) Case Dismissed NOW VACATED, AVAILABLE

03 July Aylesbury Crown Court PTPH can cover other cases

04 July Snaresbrook CC PTPH R v S (NB Needs flexible listing or cover)

04 July Blackfriars CC PTPH R v DZ (NB Needs flexible listing or cover)

21 July from 3pm Police Station Duty (Thames) 

08-22 August UNAVAILABLE Annual Leave 

04-06 September Inner London (trial fixture) R v MD

14-17 September UNAVAILABLE Cycling to Paris for Gt Ormond St- sponsor me here!

09-13 October Basildon CC  (attempted murder trial)

23-27 October UNAVAILABLE Annual Leave

Warned Lists

17-28 July (Croydon) R v DF

17-28 July (Inner London) R v GSc

07-11 August (Guildford) (R v KA)

28/08-01/09 (Blackfriars) (R v AY)

11-15 September (Croydon) R v KR

To Book: email or call/text 07980846330
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